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Cuban Salsa* L2+L3 (Tuesday)

Marie & Miguel

  • Started Jun 11
  • 490 norske kroner
  • St. Olavs Gate 32, Oslo, Norway

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Service Description

Welcome to our Cuban Salsa partner work classes, thoughtfully crafted to cater to dancers of all levels, ranging from those taking their very first steps to advanced enthusiasts. At our dance school, we believe in making the joy of Cuban Salsa accessible to everyone, and we've designed our classes to accommodate a wide range of skill levels. An exciting aspect of our classes is that you don't need to bring a partner—partner rotation is a key feature, fostering a dynamic and social learning environment. Cuban Salsa, or Casino, is a passionate partner dance characterized by its circular movements, intricate footwork, and engaging partner interactions. Our classes are structured to serve dancers at four distinct levels: 1. **Level 1** If you're new to Cuban Salsa, our classes will gently introduce you to the foundational techniques, basic patterns, and the pleasures of partner dancing. 2. **Level 2** For those with some basic experience in Salsa, our beginner-level classes will build on your foundation, offering more complex combinations and enhancing your partnership skills. 3. **Level 3** If you're progressing in your dance journey, our intermediate classes provide opportunities to refine your skills, learn advanced patterns, and further deepen your connection with various dance partners. Our partner rotation policy ensures that you'll have the chance to dance with a diverse array of partners, fostering an inclusive and friendly atmosphere. This not only enriches your learning experience but also cultivates adaptability and versatility in your dance. Join us in celebrating the vibrant spirit of Cuban Salsa partner work, where music, connection, and passion intertwine to create unforgettable dance moments. Discover the beauty of this dynamic dance style and embark on a journey to become a confident and skilled Cuban Salsa dancer with us.

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  • St. Olavs Gate 32, Oslo, Norway

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