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Aliochy headshot black white.jpg
Aliochy headshot black white.jpg

Aliochy Aragon

Aliochy is the co-founder of RHYTHM Dance Studio. He is our main instructor and has many years of experience as a professional dancer. He holds a bachelor's degree in dance and pedagogy from the Norwegian Academy of Dance, and is a former soloist in the Cuban cabaret compania Wilfredo Figueredo. He was also a soloist in the Tabanka Crew, which is Scandinavia's largest company that focuses on African and Caribbean dance. Today he works for the show de vida company, where he tours around Norway and Europe and makes performances.

Aliochy has previously danced on large stages such as the Norwegian Opera, dansens hus and the national stage. he has also worked with some of the best dancers in the world, such as yoel carreno and osiel gouneo.

Aliochy has a distinctive way of teaching, with lots of energy, joy of dancing and endurance training. He creates a vibrant atmosphere where he brings his Cuban culture and charisma. He has previously taught at Latin Room and Dancecity, and started Cuban salsa at the salsa company.

Aliochy teaches afro fusion, salsa, reggaeton, salsaton, mambo, jazz and afro reggae.


Miguel Carrazana

Miguel is the co-founder of RHYTHM Dance Studio. He is one of our main instructors, and has many years of experience as both a dancer and an instructor. He has a bachelor's degree in dance and pedagogy from Norway's Dance Academy, and is a former soloist in the Cuban cabaret compania Wilfredo Figueredo. he was also part of the tabanka crew for several years, which is the largest company in Scandinavia that focuses on African and Caribbean dance.

Today he works for the show de vida company, where he tours around Norway and Europe and makes performances. Miguel has previously danced on large stages such as the Norwegian Opera, dansens hus and the national stage.

Miguel uses his wonderful technique and special style in his teaching, and is guaranteed to give you a good mood, desire to dance and quality of movement.

miguel teaches salsa, reggaeton, salsaton, mambo and jazz.

Headshot black white Martine .jpg

Martine Camilla Brænna


Martine is educated at Operaens Ballettskole. She then attended the Academy of Arts in Oslo, where she received a bachelor's in jazz, and at the Broadway Dance Center in New York.

She is world and European champion in disco, European champion in jazz, and Norwegian champion in disco, freestyle, slow, show, jazz and modern.

In recent years, Martine has worked with many different things both as a choreographer and dancer, including as a showgirl at the Moulin Rouge in Paris, the musical Cabaret at Oslo Nye Teater, various music videos, the company Show de Vida, MGP, Stjernekamp, ​​the next and the musical Grease in Trondheim.

She has also taught at several schools, including the art college in Oslo, Bårdar, Edvard munch, art and studio 1.

Martine has a distinctive style when she teaches, with a lot of focus on the joy of dancing, technique and movement quality.


Martine teaches ladystyling, commercial beats, bachata, salsa, jazz, ballet, freestyle and heels.

Vyara webside.jpeg

Vyara Klisurska


Vyara is a professional dancer trained in Ballroom, Salsa and Musical Theatre. She is a winner of Dancing with the Stars in Vietnam and national champion in Latin and standard show dance in Bulgaria.


Vyara has competed in ballroom all over the world for over 18 years and has been a finalist in several Latin Championships. She has 15 years of experience as a professional dancer and dance instructor. She has also worked as a choreographer and dancer for several television series such as Bulgaria Got Talent, X Factor and The Voice. She currently works as a choreographer and dancer for 2entertain Norway on their production show on board Color Line.


Vyara has been performing and teaching all over the world at Latin conventions and festivals for the past 6 years and has participated in several music videos for various artists around Europe.​

Vyara teaches Latin Fusion & Ballroom .

Yasmany promo_edited.jpg

Yasmany Hidalgo Arzuaga


Yasmany graduated in 2006 from the National Arts School (ISA) in Cuba in Folklórico/Cuban Afro and received his professional teaching certificate. Since then, he has gained extensive international professional experience all over the world.


He has been part of prestigious dance companies in Cuba such as The Wilfredo Figueredo Musical Show Company, Performing Arts Folklórico Company in the province of Cienfuegos and The Tata Ero Folklórico Afro Project, as well as The Tiempos Sabás Company in the province of Havana. In addition, he has also performed in a number of shows, art, TV and cultural productions on National TV in Cuba. As he always strives to grow as a professional dancer and gain more experience, his career brought him to China in 2018.


He was part of Dance Así Shanghai China (2018), dancer and professional teacher at The Dance Academy's Azúcar And N' Tempo (2019,2020) Shanghai China, choreographer and dancer at The Atlantis Hotel (2021,2022 and 2023) Sanya China.


He has 17 years of international professional experience and is eager to continue his career as a professional dancer and instructor.

Yasmany teaches Cuban Salsa and Reggaeton.

kamelia nettside_edited.jpg

Kamelia Javadi


Kamelia works as a creative and performing dance artist.

She has a background in urban styles such as Hiphop, Dancehall and Afrobeats, and gradually developed a strong passion for Cuban Salsa.

Kamelia has danced in the Tabanka Dance Ensemble where they work with African and Caribbean contemporary dance.

With Tabanka, she has participated in, among other things, Limbo (2017) at Den Norske Opera og Ballett, I:OBJECT (2018) and Jazz ain`t Nothing but Soul (2021) at Dansens Hus.

In 2023, Kamelia will tour with Impure Company/Hooman Sharifi in Norway and Europe with the performance Sacrifice While Lost in Salted Earth (Dansens Hus, January 2023).

Kamelia has taught at a number of dance schools and teaches e.g. Hiphop, Afrobeats, Cuban Salsa and Dominican Bachata.

Kamelia teaches Cuban salsa together with Yasmany.


Marie Myhre 

Marie has danced since she was young, and started early with swing. She has since attended hip hop, breakdancing, ballet, sports dance and was on the national team in rhythmic gymnastics. Marie lived in Spain in 2003, where she met Korke and discovered bachata.

Since then, Marie has been a major promoter of the bachata environment in Oslo, especially in the last FOUR YEARS. She has had the pleasure of working with several international artists at various workshops and congresses, and is constantly working to develop herself.

Marie is full of energy and always has a smile on her face. She is keen to see the students, and wants the lessons to be fun and educational.

Eduardo Sandoval

Eduardo is originally from Chile, and has lived in Norway for 23 years. He started to explore different dance styles such as Bachata, Mambo and Cuban Salsa.

Marie saw the potential in his movements and introduced him to the sensual part of the bachata world. They are now working together to develop their own unique Bachata Sensual style which they want to share with others.

Marie and Eduardo teach Bachata Sensual Evolution together


Josuè Ismael Forster

Josuè comes from Ecuador and is 31 years old. He came to Norway 5 years ago, and has been dancing bachata and salsa since 2015 in Australia. Since 2018 he has also danced urbankiz, but in the last couple of years he has focused on sensual bachata.

With a great commitment to dance, he has traveled around Europe at various festivals to learn from the best Bachata dancers in Europe. This has given him inspiration to develop his own dance style within Bachata.

Hillevi Sjödén

Hillevi has a great love for Bachata, and has traveled around Europe at various festivals and workshops. Here she has learned from the best, who have given her both inspiration, technique and even more joy in dancing.

Josué and hillevi together teach bachata sensual slightly practiced.

Romeo webside.jpeg

Romeo Rioverde


Romeo came from Venezuela to Norway 13 years ago and is an enthusiastic dancer whose good energy is contagious!


He has worked as a dancer and dance teacher at a number of dance schools, training centers and his own events and workshops.


He specializes in Cuban salsa (became Norwegian champion in 2016 and 2019), Reggaeton, Salsaton and is now exploring his passion for Afrodance.


Romeo teaches Afro.

Yamahanty webside.jpeg
sandra nettside_edited.jpg

Yamamanty Clark


Yamahanty is originally from Cuba, and started early by learning dance both from family and friends. She eventually started working both as a dancer and a dance teacher in Cuba, before making the trip to Norway.


here she has worked with dance groups from China, England, the USA, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Mexico, Poland and many others.

She was a Zumba teacher at Fresh fitness, and has also taught at other schools such as Latinrom, C-Baila, SalsaNor, Salsa-Casino Drammen, C-Baila Drøbak and now Rhythm.

Yamahanty teaches reggaeton.

Sandra Brekke Ugelstad

Sandra has a burning commitment to the Brazilian carnival samba and has many years of experience as both a dancer and instructor.

Sandra is also the founder and Director of the performing arts company, Show de vida, and has for many years been involved in creating jobs for a number of performing artists. Sandra received her education at the Bårdar Academy in Oslo. She has studied at Brazil's best samba schools and herself participated in the world-famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro as a dancer for Beija Flor in 2009. For many years she traveled around both at home and abroad with the largest samba company in Scandinavia called Samba Ladies as herself helped start it.

She has previously danced in a number of TV productions as well as in the performance Sambadrome which was played at the Opera. Sandra mainly works with leading the company Show de vida and producing unique and innovative stage art on an international level.


Sandra teaches Samba.

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