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Salsaton is a sizzling and exhilarating dance style that seamlessly combines the passion and flair of Salsa with the infectious beats of Reggaeton. This electrifying fusion of two vibrant Latin genres creates a dance form that's all about rhythmic grooves, sensual movements, and energetic partnering.


At our dance school, we're dedicated to introducing you to the thrilling world of Salsaton. Our expert instructors will guide you through the intricate footwork and body isolations, that define this captivating dance style.


In Salsaton classes, you'll learn how to blend the sensuality of Salsa with the urban edge of Reggaeton, creating a unique and mesmerizing dance experience. Whether you're a beginner looking to explore Latin dance or an experienced dancer seeking to master this exciting fusion, our Salsaton classes offer a supportive and lively environment to immerse yourself in the rhythms of Latin music.


Join us in celebrating the fiery spirit of Salsaton, where every step and sway brings you closer to the heart of Latin dance culture. Discover the joy and passion of Salsaton as you move to the beat of this exhilarating fusion.

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